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Learn to calculate error-free as training. It is good for primary school children, Future primary school teachers and for anyone who has an assessment soon. It is an important part of this because it is a way to measure how well someone has mastered basic arithmetic skills.
Error-free arithmetic can be measured by means of an arithmetic test, which asks you to perform calculations that are sometimes contained in a text. It is a part that assesses the candidate’s arithmetic skills.

Error-free arithmetic for advanced students is a follow-up to multiplication for pupils and primary school children.
On this page you will find multiplications of up to 40 x numbers between 10 and 40. Optionally, the multiplications can be shown in random order and even randomly between all tables you choose. The tests run 10 to 40 pieces per test. The tables you can choose from are from 1 to all selectable tables and the time limit is from 5 seconds to infinity.
Tip: You can easily calculate the result of, for example, 26 x 36 by heart by simplifying the multiplication. 26 x 36 is 36 higher than a quarter of 100 x 36 (=900). The result is 936.
27 x 38 is 76 (2×38) higher than a quarter of 3800. 38 divided by 4 is 9.5. 3800 divided by 4 is therefore 950 plus 76 gives the result 1026. Therefore, always look for a simplification of a multiplication.

To avoid stress, do not immediately set the time limit to the shortest time, but reduce the time gradually
You can also use your laptop keyboard here, just like with the other tests.

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